Casino Affiliate Programs

Some of the most lucrative affiliate programs to participate in are, without a doubt, online casinos. Many affiliates are attracted to the gaming industry by the excitement and the total knowledge that billions of dollars are in circulation, making it one of the most profitable in the world. Even the fact that affiliates know they are entering a highly competitive industry does not prevent them because of the financial rewards offered.

The temptation for big affiliate paydays often obscures the realization that promoting an online line requires a lot of commitment and hard work. The casino’s affiliate programs are also not a quick scheme to get rich and you will have to increase your traffic through search engines, banner exchange, directory lists etc. because pay-per-click marketing options for betting sites are few and far between.

Small restrictions on your marketing options can delay the time when you begin to see positive results from your efforts. Many affiliates are disenchanted with this waiting period for website link cmd368 pages to be indexed, ranked, and traffic to increase and bend to chase another pot of gold from other affiliated merchants at the end of another rainbow.

The facts are that only a small percentage of casino affiliates make the most of their money. Some may call these super affiliates, but the reality is that they are normal affiliates in most ways, but with a small difference. These affiliates are willing to work harder and more intelligently than other affiliates and do not experience phases of setbacks and disappointments along the way. They have a safe goal and will not rest until they reach it. They visit the forums, contact affiliate managers regularly and monitor their statistics so that they can track and test results and make changes that can increase traffic or player conversions.

Not all casino affiliate programs are the same, so it’s worth doing some research just to make sure the program you’re participating in is right for you. Commissions are standard and come in ‘profit sharing’, which is a percentage of the profit the casino makes from the players you refer. This will be the net profit after deductions for welcome bonuses and charges that the casino may have to incur and commissioning normally starts at 25% and is classified in levels. The more real money players you refer, the higher percentage of revenue you will receive. Usually, affiliates receive commissions paid for the lifetime of the players they refer to.

The second commission option is the CPA, which means ‘Cost per acquisition’. This is a one-time payment, which is linked to the amount deposited by the player or the amount of money he actually played with. Although revenue sharing revenue is derived from player losses, this is not the case with CPA. It doesn’t matter whether your player wins or loses, you will always receive each player’s CPA revenue stream. The disadvantage of the CPA is that it is a one-time payment, so that you no longer receive commissions for the player’s lifetime. CPA is also staggered and some programs start at $ 50.00 per player and increase to $ 300 when you refer a specific number of players.

That said, there are a limited number of casino affiliate programs that offer a combination of revenue sharing and CPA so that the affiliate gets the best of both worlds.

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